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This Giving Tuesday, support the independent professionals who are essential to nonprofit success

Independent contractors and freelancers are essential to the success of the nonprofit sector. On this Giving Tuesday, consider donating directly to a nonprofit professional in your life who is likely underpaid, irregularly paid or not paid at all by the nonprofit(s) they're dedicated to and making successful through the important work they do. During the pandemic, these devoted individuals (myself included) have been unfairly left behind (dismissed from vital resources such as pandemic unemployment assistance and other forms of recovery funding), worsening an already financially precarious reality, while nonprofits expect them to continue working regardless. (The widely accepted and perpetuated exploitation of labor in the nonprofit sector is something I will write about another time).

Ask for the PayPal, Venmo, etc., account of the person whose efforts you support and believe in and let them know with your gift that they are an important lifeline to the causes you care about. If you enjoy the work that I do and are in a position to do so, please consider making a small donation on this Giving Tuesday via my PayPal account to help me continue bringing you content and unique opportunities to connect with and support our music landmarks, including my forthcoming American Music Landmarks Project!

I hope you'll make the choice today to lift up a nonprofit professional out there somewhere whose efforts enrich all our lives. Thank you! -Sheryl

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