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Preserving music history four walls at a time...

Sheryl Davis is a music landmarks specialist focused on places significant to the original rock 'n' roll movement of the 1950s-early 1960s and contributing roots genres with a broader dedication to documenting, preserving and interpreting the architectural legacy of American popular music. She has been recognized for her innovation in the fields of historic preservation and cultural anthropology with awards as well as ambassadorship and publication opportunities in the US and abroad. 


Sheryl's preliminary national inventory and preservation activity survey of buildings significant to 1950s rock 'n' roll completed during her graduate studies at the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2012 was a watershed in the beginnings of defining a national landscape for the study and preservation of rock 'n' roll's built heritage and more broadly, that of American popular music. Now, in 2023, with over ten years of independently developing this new specialization through professional practice and continued research, Sheryl is launching the American Music Landmarks Project as a national platform for her efforts to help communities across the country identify and activate the many un-and-underrepresented places that shaped our collective music history - one of the United States' greatest contributions to world culture! 

People are at the heart of Sheryl's work. She understands the crucial importance of their emotional attachments to place that motivate preservation efforts and the continued relevancy of music landmarks for economic, cultural and environmental sustainability. This intangible value and uniquely human barometer continues to go unrecognized by institutional definitions of "historic significance" and related preservation policy decisions - an ongoing absence of opportunity to utilize the relationship between people and architecture that is hallmarked by myriad possibilities to successfully activate and sustain meaningful purpose and survival of these special places.


Lesley Pilling, Founder and Director

Circle G Foundation for Elvis Presley's Circle G Ranch 

We are extremely proud of Sheryl and without her role and hard work in our organization we would not be where we are today. Because of Sheryl the ranch’s historic significance was recognised within Historic Preservation circles.


Bill Hillman, Founder and President

Everly Brothers Childhood

Home Foundation

Sheryl's hard work in organizing and in tourism development to assist the Everly Home was essential for the organization to move forward and become an important historical site. Her vision and development of ideas including social media, marketing, advertising, fundraising, and setting up special events was critical to progressing forward. I can think of no one who could better represent the IMA Rising Star Award.


Cynthia Sweet, Executive Director

Iowa Museum Association

The Rising Star Award recognizes individuals who have worked or volunteered in the Iowa museum field for 3-5 years and have helped their museum broaden its audience through engagement activities. Sheryl Davis is an outstanding example, bringing energy, ideas, and new approaches to engaging local, national, and international audiences with the Everly Brothers Childhood Home in Shenandoah, Iowa. Sheryl Davis is a Rising Star in the Iowa museum industry.

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