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Ever(l)y day is National Sibling Day

In honor of National Sibling Day (I missed the official day on Tuesday), I present the continuing story of two sets of siblings who've joined forces to help preserve sibling music history!

It was in September 2016 that my twin sister Sherry and I met brothers Zachary and Dylan Zmed at the beautiful Paramount Theatre in Anderson, Indiana, where they were performing as The Everly Brothers Experience with their band, The Bird Dogs. Their honest intentions with the Everly sound through respectful, earnest study and their own original musicianship brought about a new authenticity, and with their distinctive dialogue of Everly history and sibling humor, led us both to realize immediately that they were the artists we would hope to work with in support of the Everly Brothers Childhood Home restoration in Shenandoah, Iowa. After the show we discussed the possibility of working together to organize a benefit concert and when we parted Sherry and I called to them "See you in Shenandoah next year!" having no idea that we would see them again exactly one year from that night with the concert taking place the following day.

Sept. 23, 2017 - Everly Brothers Childhood Home (Shenandoah, Iowa)

Sept. 22, 2016 - Paramount Theatre (Anderson, Indiana)

Zachary, Dylan and The Bird Dogs made their first trip to Shenandoah in September 2017, playing to a capacity crowd in the historic armory, an Everly Brothers landmark that we had reawakened for its first concert in 50 years. This week (coincidentally or not on National Siblings Day!) The Everly Brothers Experience introduced the first video in their "Stories From the Road" series, an informative and endearing chronicle of the brothers' time in Shenandoah narrated by their father, actor Adrian Zmed. Watch the video below!

Thank you Zach and Dylan for all that you contribute as artists, siblings and people to help ensure that the story of the Everly Brothers lives on! -Sheryl

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