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April Love: A National Valentine to the Everly Brothers Childhood Home

News! Our declaration of love for the Everly Brothers Childhood Home has arrived at #5 on the National Trust for Historic Preservation's "I Heart Saving Places" list! Click here to read our profile and to learn about other places across the country that are being highlighted from the February 2018 "Heart Bomb" campaign. Thank you to the very special group of volunteers in Shenandoah, Iowa, who continue to amaze and inspire me with vigorous dedication to raising awareness of their community's Everly Brothers heritage! -Sheryl

Tell us why you love this place and why more people should fall in love with it, too:

Don and Phil Everly spent their formative years (1945-1953) in Shenandoah, Iowa, where they learned the discipline and musicianship integral to their singular success in early rock 'n' roll and broader contributions to American popular music. It was in Shenandoah where their professional careers began as child stars on rival farmer-friendly stations KMA and KFNF during radio's golden age. Their humble 20' x 15' clapboard cottage that at the time belonged to KFNF, provides an irreplaceable, authentic sensory testament to these tender and prolific years. In 1957, The Everly Brothers rose to international stardom with "Bye Bye Love," written by the legendary husband and wife songwriting team of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant. Don and Phil's childhood home was saved by The Everly Brothers Childhood Home Foundation in 2006 and is the only house museum dedicated to the world-renowned sibling duo. The foundation and community of Shenandoah invite all Everly and music fans (preservationists, too!) to visit and share their love and support for continued efforts in preserving and interpreting this special story. Don and Phil are ForEVERLY in our hearts this Valentine's Day and every day!

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